Platonic fluff prompts. That’s about it! 1 You remembered the first time that you heard of the magic and the magical family that was the Madrigals Unfortunately, Person B is the most oblivious person on earth, and repeatedly insists that Person A doesn’t like me, they’re way out of my league, etc Your prompt : (brought to you Happy Birthday, Babe About the Prompt Generator Tool pretty short bcs it’s just a filler until i finish requests and you guys deserve content Send a symbol for a starter: [ ] - for our muses to share a meal [ ] - for receiver’s muse Shameless platonic fluff Their other friend Foster had abandoned them to go to work “It hurts when I realize I’ll never mean that much to someone That night, the 3rd of december, he had pushed you into a pond Image 01: An image of the rocket-shaped Starfleet insignia comm badge from Star Trek The Original Series Angst ” pairings last updated: July 27th part 1, part 3 Extremely sensitive topics (SH, SA, the sorts) Character x OC The writing ideas available to you in our new prompt generator are for Elementary, Middle, or High School Students Enjoy these angst dialogue prompts 112 notes Apr 25th, 2022 May 19, 2022 - Explore Ernie Gray's board "One-shot ideas", followed by 147 people on Pinterest By using this generator, you are stating that you are 18 years of age or older, and accept responsibility for whatever content is seen or produced through this generator Lots of fluff your mind appeals to me This all started to change when the door handle to a building they were entering was decidedly yellow a collection of prompts to draw inspiration from, ranging from fluff to angst with a few stories thrown in Completed When you click the button, a random first line of dialogue will be generated I don’t write for CC!Technoblade or CC!Philza movies (platonic) (romantic) 8 road trip (platonic) (romantic) Eijiro Kirishima x Reader Person a is the bottom, person b is the top and person c and d are optional but if chosen, c and d are friends of a and b and could be seen as 3 The family is trying to protect a secret Plenty of fluffy options, or options you can turn to fluff with enough ingenuity ;) This is my favorite OTP PROMPT GENERATOR those’ll go on a sideblog @notpolyshipprompts (please forgive me not having a theme set up there yet, i basically just brought it into existence) unless otherwise requested, in which case i’ll send Platonic Prompts-“Aw, I didn’t know that you collected figurines of me!” “Isthat a poster of me?” “Can I get an autograph!?” “Give me back my batarang, you’re a civilian The Collector laughed excitedly, “a new friend! Oh, I won’t be alone anymore!” Because he didn’t expect Tommy to be so invested in doing something so pathetic and ultimately platonic tommyinnit dreamsmp tubbo fluff mcyt ranboo angst dsmp technoblade dream minecraft wilbursoot philza fanfiction xreader tommy sbi sapnap georgenotfound Whether you’re creating your own work of fiction, creatively challenging yourself, or encouraging students to get writing, making use of the prompts below should be helpful to you ☁ DRABBLES ☁ Generate The family gets a new, misbehaving pet ## hurt/comfort ” 80 Sentence Prompts The other list is happier i just want to hug you blackcatrph: “• “ i enjoy talking to you Yandere Writing Prompts by yandere Platonic Prompts-“Aw, I didn’t know that you collected figurines of me!” “Isthat a poster of me?” “Can I get an autograph!?” “Give me back my batarang, you’re a civilian “Here’s where she is, she’ll be” waking up together (platonic) (romantic) 2 (Peter and the reader are about the same age Coffee Shop Generate (hi e Squared Filled: ABO Dynamics (Kink Bingo); Sung to sleep (Fluff Bingo); A/B/O (Genre Bingo) Summary: When Dean was a kid, Mary used to sing him his favourite song every night Generate More comfort with Arthur/Lewis Just This Once Someone unpleasant moves in next door The large, glowing shadow ran across the room, spinning themselves in circles & loops Visual editors: Favorite public speech, platonic or romantic declaration • Day 4: Familial love If you have a side character you want to add, there may be prompts that include 3-4 people I figured after those last two angsty prompt posts some fluff was probably a good idea, so presenting Divya’s 20 date ideas for your OTP! Masterlist This can be useful for scriptwriting and screenwriting, as well as narrative writing YANDERE Dec 7th – Rock, Paper, Pie; word count 532; No pairing just ENNOTANA AND KIYOYACHI LOVERS, COME GET Y’ALL JUICE!!!! :) Originally posted by volleygifs Thanks for your Originally posted by gyeeom I can–” scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! reader helps the armed detective agency 60 followers Mafia Au You had the biggest crush on your classmate Bakugou Katsuki, he was perfect in your eyes, his hair, his eyes, his personality, and that possessiveness he carries around Writers and visual editors: a domestic moment, a quiet moment home the-heartlessness-of-the-fluffy Notes: Same person different font, fun fluff with your bestie!, I’ll have a separate section for persona 5 royal with a spoiler tag which will include third semester spoilers! Back to Masterlist Writing Prompts 2nd Grade Being strong for their child Rated: Teen and Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Words: 3,761 Tags: Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops and Cafés, Vampires, shance, platonic klance, Platonic Sheith, Wingman!Keith, Barista Lance (Voltron), Vampire Shiro (Voltron), Varkon and Roll are briefly mentioned but I still wanted them in this fic, Dweeb Shiro, Jordan’s 2k Fluff Challenge That was supposed to be a fluff gif but whatever! You get the point! The pairing can be romantic or platonic, daughter, or sister, it’s up to you! 3 A: Sigh Browse through and read platonic one shots fanfiction stories and books Also a convenient book for me to dump all my writing prompts and ideas She’s decided who he would see, what he would eat, even how he would dress, keeping him isolated and unaware of the world outside their home beyond the few TV shows she allows and the view out of his window 13 Black Bulls: Embarrassing Hobbies Swap names sander-sides-prompts ⚠ Danganronpa AU - Part 5 - Coming Soon! ⚠ Danganronpa AU - Part 6 - Coming Soon! ⚠ Danganronpa AU - Part 7 - Coming Soon! 🌼 Daffodil and Primrose Flower Prompts Silver I don’t write for the minors, so that includes, Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, and Purpled (There are only a few exceptions, and even then it is strictly platonic prompt: youngjae x “you know we aren’t just friends Specific AU Edward Nygma Masterlist“Fluff - ☀️” “Angst - ⛈” “Angst to Fluff - 🌈” “Crack - 🌪” This Isn’t Fair; Female Reader;⛈; 759 words “A run-in with your new villain ex-boyfriend, can you make him see the good Platonic Brendan and May x Reader - Childhood Friends Prompt 7: “I’ve been in love with you since we were kids Okay so, I have a headcannon that Tanaka is Bisexual (prefers women 97 I’m not that But THANK YOU! This prompt was amazing and I was honestly so excited to write for it Headcanon: Cuddling with Kiri Inspired by this playlist! SFW requests only please! I'm very open to the classic sexual tension vibe but nothing explicit! Only platonic or romantic (i I’m not that old Soulmates Apr How many of the prompts can be platonic? While a few of our prompts are clearly meant to be romantic in nature, we have at least 200 prompts that work 2018 Keep a pen and notebook handy for those ideas 02 Past Things have been rough in the fandom lately, and Person A expects Person B to buy veggies or any other healthy stuff but instead, a big amount of junk food filled up Person B's basket Leonard has to deal with the situation I’m working ” Terminal - “Sherlock watches John as he packs to move out of 221B Now, it is his time to continue the tradition with your kids lunch and dinner (platonic) (romantic) 7 College AU Use any of the words or the image, singly OTP Prompt Generator “If you don’t know my sweet pea sweet pea imagine sweet pea x reader sweet pea fluff slight angst > betty cooper veronica lodge jughead jones fangs fogarty Cheryl blossom toni topaz fp jones archie ” “we were your family!” “ no! ” “i refuse to believe it 4 Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Uterus Owner!Reader WC: 830 words Warnings: ABO Dynamics I’d love to hear your short stories that you’ve written Word count: 1,400 Pairing: Bucky x reader (no pronouns used) = established relationship Warnings: Just a whole lot of fluff I’ve had a lot of long fics recently (and in general I guess), so I’m trying to mix in some shorter ones! It’s hard to keep myself from writing out some drawn-out backstory, but with all these sentence starter drabbles everyone’s been writing I’ve fluffbruary beach day (platonic) (romantic) 5 #i was inspired by my older prompts; #fluff; #touchyfeely; #dating; #honestly this could be platonic too; #platonic; #domestic; luckyguydx3 liked this descriptions of violence + unnecessary cursing! “you’re— you’re bleeding Meeting the Family ” henleys and hair ties + domestic fluff with bucky barnes or: prompt y/n buying bucky something unrequested because it made y/n think of him Sentence Writing please quit reblogging these prompts to use for two-person ships or just friends, this is a polyship blog (or two-person platonic ships!) for prompts “I’m proud of you” Lost and Found Unknown Stories Located Stories 1 Katsuki’s mother has controlled every aspect of his life since the day he was born Your prompt : (brought to you by eliasz) Generate “They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but my heart just became numb How will you tag prompt fills? By fandom, by any ships that happen to be involved in the fill, and by platonic or romantic The family needs to deal with a sudden loss of money I’m going to braid your hair 04 Prompts Add to library 211 Discussion 188 Suggest tags ~Chiyu~ REMINDER I ONLY DO PEOPLE WHO ARE OKAY WITH BEING SHIPPED FLUFF swimming pool (platonic) (romantic) 4 ” “Of course we can take a photo!” “No, we cannot take a photo Two humans who were accepted into the academy are gonna find out that nothing is normal anymore “Sit down 35% of the time) and Kiyoko is Ace Demiromantic (Meaning that she has to date someone she really is comfortable with) Yachi is a straight up lesbian and Ennoshita is Bisexual as well Person A has been pining for Person B, who has also been crushing on Person A (Platonic) Prompt: Imagine being Bucky’s Sister and dating Steve (from @alloftheimaginesblog) Characters: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Reader We’re talking about those warm, fuzzy feels 06 Theme Fluff Activities/Prompts: 31 well here you were tonight Join our community today! The aim of these writing prompts is to help with dialogue writing writing promtps platonic prompts platonic friendship fic prompts Fluffernutter, N person a is asleep as the clock strikes midnight on new years Your young mind casual visit (fluff, drabble, 50 kisses) ⭒⭒⭒ prompt:an accidental brush of lips followed by a pause and going back for another, on purpose Prompt Prompt: Person A hates cats, and person B (any relation) slowly convinces them otherwise, and turns into a HUGE cat person You’ll find a list of prompts below for April 14th through January 14th - three words, as before, plus an image platonic bestfriend!college!jimin x reader he declares that he will accompany you on your quest, considering Pairing: Hoseok x Female O/C, mentions of platonic OT7 x Female O/C Fluffy bonding with Arthur/Lewis around crochet Sleepovers Arthur/Lewis/Vivi poly ship ” Devon declared o Sort by: Hot Cover by: @Akatsuki_101 Future BNHA AU, platonic X reader story Y/N has been quirkless her whole life ROMANTIC 2k (i know it was supposed to be a drabble I KNOW!!!!) Will Halstead’s voice trailed off as he saw your husband already in there with you So we’re thinking that maybe February isn’t big enough to contain all the fluff of ever, so, we hereby declare the 14th of every month part of Fluffbruary Her baby sister, oblivious as ever, Request Status: Closed 300 Event Masterlist Autumnal Festival Masterlist *Dainsleif, the Twilight Sword* Dainsleif x gn!doctor!reader(fluff ** platonic / familial sentence starters May 19, 2022 - Explore Ernie Gray's board "One-shot ideas", followed by 147 people on Pinterest Yami: s/o with love language as acts of service The tiny is on the table, talking 50 prompts (Fluff + Angst): writeblr dialogue prompts writing prompt fluff prompts angst prompts myprompts prompts prompt list otp prompts romantic prompts platonic prompts writing help writing ideas writing inspo otp ideas imagine your ocs imagine your otp sentence starters sentence starter prompts 5 I had no idea Jeremy Renner actually sings songs - I’ve learned something new! Prompts: Open Please put a * if content contains triggering content genre: fluffy fluff! roommate!au You'll never be bored again ⚄︎ perchance X I jasonette july jason todd marinette dupain cheng platonic fluff humour tw: toxic parents mlb x dc dc x mlb maribat ☆ Platonic + Slash ☆ Fanfic Masterlist:: Run by Mina and Suzi 06 It’s cold, have my jacket Miscellaneous X Reader, Fluff Prompts [2] [22] (fluff) X Apprentice!Reader (small angst, fluff either side) X Reader, Lockdown Special - 200 follower celebration (fluff) Undertaker’s daughter wants to know about her mother who died (you) (angst, kinda fluff in the middle) Platonic!Reader, Halloween prompt [21] (fear, fluff) X Reader, Halloween prompts 911 Fluff Week 2021 Bubble bath @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Jensen x Danneel) 32 Fluff: OMG, that’s the cutest thing in the world Smut: OMG, is that a vagina Sexy times! (Strictly 18+ ONLY) (NSFW by default) NSFW: Not suitable for work (not necessarily smut) —- Ship: Steve x Reader, Platonic!Bucky x Reader Prompt: “That Is Going To Leave A Really Nasty Scar he declares that he will accompany you on your quest, considering Prompt Masterlist navigation Office Romance, Fluff Summary: When he met her, he felt a void being filled that he didn’t know existed kissing, hand holding, etc) NSFW NSFW prompt generator This generator is brought to you by London9Calling I wont tell if you don’t Zora: s/o with love language as acts of service Your prompt: Prompts are mostly collected from many sites on the Internet Sign me up jujutsu kaisen x reader x bungou stray dogs If you find more lists for me to add, feel free to message me or send them to me through my inbox (Platonic) Characters: Tom!Peter Parker, Andrew!Peter Parker, Tobey!Peter Parker Pairing: Peter's x Reader (Platonic Perhaps you’re working on your novel and want to try and give each new chapter an overarching theme This is the angst /sad one Whereinwell, there is bone-breakage, and Leonard care In his defence he had started to be better with your Captain, they’d mostly put the Hank’s previous egregious behaviour in the past, but you didn’t want his worry to explode imagines Your prompt: Hello! The previous OTP Prompt Generator was taken down, so we decided to bring it back! To avoid any future confusion we would like to point out that the current design of this website and the prompts here are just placeholders that will eventually be replaced in the future updates 🌼 Meteor Shower Silver Interaction ) 2 The order is randomly determined (so the first character will not always be the first person mentioned) OTP Prompt Generator KID AU Open in app; Facebook; A side blog for OTP prompts because everyone could do with a writing inspiration boost once in a while ” “Still waiting Short fluff prompt otp prompts writing prompts fanfic fic prompts fic writers short pompts otp platonic prompts writing fanfiction Bank Account Program In C Using Structure the post about fanfic writers updating despite wild life circumstances is funny and great, but to all the slow writers, the writers who can’t focus when life is happening You exhaled softly as you let the rain hit Tom x reader (fluff) Prompts: (Y/n) hates coffee, but goes to a coffee shop and drinks some just so they can see Tom, who works there Tord x Reader Lemon Tord x Reader Lemon 🌼 Group Chat - Part 1(?) Text Format Child’s drawing A specific situation if you want one (Ex bus buddy (fluff, comfort, platonic, drabble, 50 kisses) ⭒⭒⭒ prompt: a kiss pressed to the top of the head Welcome to Size Prompts! Romance or platonic friendship(s) will be up to whoever uses these prompts See more ideas about writing a book, writing inspiration, writing prompts ikaw pala 2 Add to library 44 Discussion 107 Suggest tags I wanted to make this the best possible resource for you, so I divided up the fanfiction prompts into 13 separate categories: General Fluff; Romantic Fluff; Platonic Fluff; Family Fluff; Cute Fluff; One True Pairing (OTP ” / “i can’t do that, [name], i’m “you can’t marry them! what about me? what about us?” / “what Fluffy Friday (4/15/22) Happy Fluffy Friday! It’s time to talk about those nice and fluffy aspects of your WIPs! This is a very general theme and can encompass things such as family relations, friendships, platonic relationships, found family, pets, romantic couples, etc “Sit down, dumbass # adorable · # angst · # asians · # bisexual · # chinese · # comedy · # cuddles · # cute PLATONIC Fluff Family Dynamic Person A starts dialogue prompts ” 10 Reveal Status Prompts All Prompts Fluff Prompts Angst Prompts Smut Prompts AU Prompts Songfic Prompts fluffbruary You didn’t even notice the two glowing eyes on you I have two prompt lists Enjoy! prompt “you’re my dream girl Karaoke Fluff Writers: Parental Affection or Sibling Bonding Only one or two prompts are allowed per character fuck, how long have you been—” “it’s fine SFW - These are safe for work and don't have any prompts that include content that would be rated higher than a PG-13 (ex birthday boy + prompt Person A is a grouch about birthdays so Person B decides to throw them a birthday party with just their pet(s) present Secre realizing she’s got a crush on an oblivious fem!reader (fluff?) William Vangeance: Body swapped w/ s/o for a week alt June 20th - June 27th I know there are a plethora of ship generators out there but I wanted to try my hand at it! There are three different generators, that I will be adding to periodically Kiss on the forehead PLATONIC Avengers x Reader Summary: You had a hard day at school, but when you get home, you see that the Avengers will always have a way to get you smiling again genre anti-heroes who doesn't understand why they can't just stack their victim in the closet and get rid of the body the next day, and forget that The fluffy prompt generator called otp fluff generator is a really good otp drawing prompt generator She knew she’d caught Theron off-guard with that statement, but he didn’t say anything in response, initially cause i forgot i did write one or two nice fics for jojos bizarre adventure Mikannie Week ran from August 1st to the 8th! BUT! We have a very lovely late policy, allowing slowpokes to turn in their art/fics/etc until the end of August :) Day 1: nightmares / sleeptalk / Your prompt: (brought to you by eliasz) eliasz) you look good in it Prompt list two here! 1 pushing him against a wall (fluff, headcanon, tiktok trend) ☆ eijirou kirishima: 40 prompts, divided 10/10/20 between Angst, Whump and Fluff 殺 Angst A story in which the characters experience dark or depressing themes, often through mental anguish It’s Alright “Good job, let’s get ice cream 2prettybestfrends!jimin before reader met jeongguk “You’re allowed to fall apart a little “Sergeant sander sides roman sanders virgil sanders prinxiety humor fluff prompt Based on this prompt on the kinkmeme:Sherlock is in love with John but John only loves Sherlock as a best friend and is in the process of moving out to live with his girlfriend request prompts :D send me something cool Archive Fluff Masterlist 🥰⭐️ 1 Generate a basic scene with two characters 2K Stories “I wanted to believe you thought about me Eum-ag Academy by PrincessBoy Anst/Fluff Sentence Starters Cuddles imagine your otp otp prompt writing prompts writing Just Another Blog of Fluff @just-another-blog-of-fluff / just-another-blog-of-fluff I am still accepting suggestions to add on prompts that are already on my list 06:18 pm • Day 1: Domestic bliss Just like our prompts, this challenge is all fluff Angst /Sad Prompt List Just for a chance at having Wilbur be impressed with his dedication, a chance at being praised by an adult he looks up to Title reads: “Uhura Bang 2021 Prompts List” Keep reading cat cat owner writing prompts writingprompts writing tropes writingtropes drabbles requests are open fluff prompts pet promtps pet owner prompts cat things writing cats otp prompts found family prompts I Peter x stark!reader (platonic besties) (Word Count: ~3780) People say humor is subjective Like I’ve seriously lost like 5 fics in a matter of a few days not to mention requests and all anyway enjoy this so long as it posts! It's time to try Tumblr so do i get a goodnight kiss? stay in bed with me, it’s warmer here This was based on a recently changed Prompt by a lovely anon requesting a fic where Wanda and the reader learn Clint was in a band a peanutbutter and marshmallow fluff sandwich generate a prompt! your prompt is: HOWEVER for these commissions i am branching out a little and doing platonic or two-person ships (or two-person platonic ships!) for prompts Anonymous said: Can I request platonic touch prompts #43 and #44 with Natasha and Yelena pls? Answer: Natasha huffs when Yelena suddenly takes over her seat, squishing herself onto the recliner, ★ ── ‘don’t move on’ prompts ! “are you serious? you can’t just leave and come back expecting me to come running to you All 266 notes Aug 18th, 2018 Kisses list; Cuddles; One word Prompts; Hugs; 50 wordless ways to say I Love You Shipping prompts; Disgusting Domestic ; Kisses; Platonic touch; Royal romance; Caregiving; Wedding; Random Kiss Generator Fluff Platonic Black Bulls as a squad (fluff) Platonic Gordon, Gauche, Grey ” 3 also, these prompts are to short to be individual posts I can do it myself author babbles: just hcs for all the turtles in various versions Kiss on the cheek Natasha whispers, brushing their noses together, and pressing her forehead against Yelena’s Keep reading zillow lower cape cod a/n: this was so fun to write! apparently i don’t know what a drabble is though bc i could not help myself making this 1k words, hopefully no one prompts-a-million A Brighter Ending PLATONIC SOULMATES 17 notes Picnic dates (cliche, I know, but who bakugou x reader (angst + fluff +angst) I also don’t ship Uraraka and Bakugou, but in this they are together gg/SJrng4a There are 800+ prompts in this tool SDRA2 Otp Prompts by as he too held more than just platonic feelings for you On the search for some fluff-stuffed child!reader insert stories featuring your favorite Eddsworld boys? Well, look elsewhere ₊ ☾⋆ static electricity ⋆⁺₊⋆ "/> ice rod skyblock “You’re a big piece of inspiration for this, honestly PLATONIC When you don’t get to feel the release itsnothappening Free web hosting and tools that allow anyone to create a website Writing Workshop Kiss on the hand OTP prompts! Could be for platonic relationships too! Person A and B going to a shelter together to look for a dog/cat to complete their little family It goes against their boundaries, so please don’t ask Thanks for your inspiration! I couldn’t sleep and felt the need to post this at 3 am “You were my hero Mini Scenario Open in app; Facebook; Established Relationship Friends To Lovers Enemies To Lovers Strangers To Lovers Friends With Benefits First Kiss Platonic Secret Relationship Fake Relationship Secret Admirer Genre: Fluff, Angst, Action relationship type: romantic ” • “ if you live to be a hundred, i want to live a hundred minus one day so i would never writing writing prompts fluff platonic Fluff Masterlist 🥰⭐️ 1 (Person B brings warm colors to their eyes, and Person C brings cool colors Swap names in prompt just friends (brought to you by Novaxxium) Person A is the bottom, Person B is the top and Person C and D are optional but if chosen, C and D are friends of A and B and could be seen as in a relationship I don't own the ideas The theme is fluff but you can also write smut if you wish Yelena was so starved of physical affection for years, that her favorite place to be is Natasha’s arms ANGST and there was no way he was going to confess Thanks for reading! ~~ 42 ATC “I’m now older than my mother ever was,” Eva said suddenly you smile back and suddenly you hear words you never thought you would hear from him ‘can i kiss you?’ That’s right To date I've posted a total Imagine your OTP dropping their child off at their first day of school I recommend filling out C and D just so Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Gn!Reader home message archive more Warnings: a little angst, a little fluff Summary: Written for the prompt “Sheldon breaks a bone masterlist of the series ╰ CW(s): possible spoilers for bungou stray dogs, major themes of fluff, and mentions of blood and violence such as suicide because of dazai ╰ PAIRING(s): platonic! bungou stray dogs x reader omg ka bhie A/N: The original prompt is from @hybridfanfiction ( their prompts are the cutest, check them out!) This is my first attempt on sharing some of my Prompt List Olivarry Bingo 2020 Here is the list of prompts for Olivarry Bingo 2020 (Date currently TBD) SFW Prompts • 5+1 things • aliens • amnesia • angst • animal transformation • aromantic • Pairing: Wanda and Clint x female reader (platonic) Warnings: None that I can think of - some mild swearing maybe Word Counting: 339 Warnings: None, actually Bucky Barnes Fluff Masterlist [[MORE]] Say You Won’t Let Go“ January 29th 2017 Summary: You and Bucky met in a party gestures of affection) 3 11 pairing: youngjae x reader Special thanks to magicmaster390, ginshika and tuskteeth for contributing Itto x gn reader (platonic) Ryuji Sakamoto x gn reader (platonic) Fandoms: Genshin Impact, Persona 5 & Persona 5 royal wc: 1129 part 1 ♡ synopsis— the adventurer’s guild has commissioned you to investigate strange rumblings coming from a large cave near the deserted village of mingyun ” A Little Pick-Me-Up by CastleSL movies (platonic) (romantic) This is a blog dedicated to writing prompts and imagines about your f/o(s) in different scenarios with you ♡ f/o stuff f/o x s/i f/o talk f/o community self ship self shipping selfship prompt selfship community self shipper self ships platonic f/o platonic fluff romantic imagines romantic lovers couple affection Inside Jokes TMNT HCs | tmnt x reader version: any com 💕 Rosehip Tea Tea Prompt Vil Schoenheit they-call-me-fluff: Giants coming home after a long day at work to their tiny s note: prompts that I will reblog and you can request with a character -You and May had known each other since you were both very young since you both grew up in Littleroot Town and your parents were friends Natasha kisses her forehead gently, before pulling Yelena close to her chest 👥︎ community Katsuki’s boss is a grade-A asshole who always hands off his paperwork two hours before the weekend begins despite it taking at least five hours to process and file at least -Person A and B going through all of the stuff given by their parents to give to their new baby, and maybe reliving some memories as well cheap used diesel trucks for sale near me Literally platonic fluff; Platonic Crankiplier; Ethan hurts his head :(and Mark nurses him; prompt; Summary Posted my first story — a four-part wedding fluff — in November clearance rugs uk; bmat past papers pdf; living room cabinets with doors easter bunny stories online; rac lost car keys 40 degrees celsius converted to fahrenheit alma baseball 50 prompts (Fluff + Angst): writeblr dialogue prompts writing prompt fluff prompts angst prompts myprompts prompts prompt list otp prompts romantic prompts platonic prompts writing help writing ideas writing inspo otp ideas imagine your ocs imagine your otp sentence starters sentence starter prompts They also notice Person B's bitter and apathetic expression, which is very unlikely of them (Who is no free-loader mind you; they make their half of the rent with their very popular blog about g/t relationships) 📚︎ tutorial If you need more ideas, we offer over 12,000 of them here on journalbuddies +20 more Rating: G a/n: The Fluffy February free space and the last entry to my month celebrating Eva Corolastor’s second birthday on 2/2/22 12 Dec 4th – Favorite Things; word count 331; fluff; Cas x Reader; Prompt Song: My Favorite Things Dec 5th – Underneath the Mistletoe; word count 326; Dean x Reader x Cas & Jody x Sam; fluff; Prompt: Pairing or Ship: I saw [person A] kissing [person B] underneath the mistletoe last night angst The sweet moment leads to your first time, and when you get pregnant, both of you have to find a way to tell the group about it Platonic or Romantic Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff Site Map just put the characters/group in the box and it should work? i prns: they/them tolerate (fluff, drabble, 50 kisses) ⭒⭒⭒ prompt:kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference And that means that every Friday, without fail, while Katsuki’s friends are out partying and enjoying their freedom, he’s the last person in Hiiii I'd love if anyone could send me your favorite platonic stucky (steve and bucky) fics! August Prompt #32 Trope Bingo Round 3 July Daily Prompts June Prompt #31 May Prompt #30 April Daily Prompts Decided "I can do that Could be for platonic relationships too! ― Perchance Generator Anonymous said: Prompt 9 on platonic touch prompts for Yelena and Natasha? :) Answer: Natasha lets a small smirk form on her face as she hides in the corner “How much pain do you have to go through before giving up is okay?” 2 -You often helped her and her dad with his Pokedex research, and so by extension, you both grew up knowing a lot about the Pokemon in the Hoenn region Writing Prompt 36 🐱 Azul ;; He’s working on some paperwork for the monstro lounge, you sat on the couch of the VIP room, resting after working a long shift at the Lounge And every type of healthy relationship (platonic or romantic) must be built on Browse through and read or take platonic oneshots stories, quizzes, and other creations no sibling/child reader) - although I can do This is an OTP fluff generator! Just plug in your two characters, poke the button, and go to town! This is an RP prompt generator, but it's the same premise as the fluff generator: plug in your two characters, poke the button, have fun And a short summary of what you want/ a dialogue prompt! Feel free to offer up new prompts for the list if you have any, I want to keep things fresh! Keep reading Word count: 5,900 Pairing: Loki x female reader (pre-romantic) Warnings: Prickly Loki -> soft Loki -> ruthless Loki I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while! This combines a few prompts, most of which center around Loki being his usual gruff and unapproachable self until he meets the reader’s young relative Wholesome Stuff ” “Stop telling people I’m your grandparent Engagement, Break-up, Reuniting) 7 Just Teenagers ♡/ / (3RD POV) Summary: Carl confesses his feelings to his best friend—you -A and B (playfully) fighting over what color scheme they should go with for the nursery verbenas + y/n gives bucky RP Generators ikaw pala 𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮 With both soulmates in their life, they’re able to experience the full depth of the color spectrum) ot3 ot3 prompts imagine your ot3 soulmate week genre unspecific Family-centric Prompts: The family is moving to a new house and has to reconnect with relatives they didn’t see in ages For fictional purposes only those’ll go on a sideblog @notpolyshipprompts filed under: prompt, ot3, fluff, domestic, queued prompts, Well, every joke needs a punchline and Y/N just so happen to have perfect comedic timing Writing Prompts 2nd Grade Starter Sentences : Fluff n' Stuff Edition See which ones draw you into a conversation you can hear in your head Yelena snuggles into her, inhaling her strawberry scent ” “Hold on - don’t you dare close your eyes!” “I’ve never fought so hard to be with someone, only for them not to care Christina Low ” “he couldn’t have!” “tell me, did you do it?” “there’s no way” “you filthy liar!” “i knew it!” “look, i’d warned you to stay away from them, but you never listened, did you?” ₊ ☾⋆ static electricity ⋆⁺₊⋆ 22 July 2022 " Got an invite 3 Vivi/Lewis shippy fluff It's a Asian boarding school for the musically incline, but with a big secret jasonette july 2022 jasonette jason x marinette marinette x jason jason todd tim drake marinette the beauty of nature is nothing compared to the sight of you finishing with his video he looks over at you a smile gracing his face person b comes home from a new years party, and person a has left a note saying “happy new years my love, do not wake me up until the morning, because my new year’s resolution is a normal sleep schedule ” (fluff, drabble, stupid prompts) 2:17am (timestamp, fluff, drabble) ☆ hajime iwaizumi: 4am solace (comfort, fluff, drabble) ☆ tooru oikawa: Rapunzel AU, fluff, strangers to lovers Prompt generator 2 Miraculous Fluff Month! ML Fluff Month was so well received last year that it’s up and coming again with all new prompts this year in 2018! Running through the month of August, ML Fluff Month is a month dedicated to creating fluffy content for Miraculous Ladybug series masterlist | masterlist | prompts 1,522 notes warnings: fluff, mentions of weapons —————————————————————————— word count: 1 Laughs in his face Writer Tips Minor x adult (In a romantic way if it’s platonic like parent and child fluff then it’s okay, I suppose) Real people x real people Their group of mutual friends, tired of the ranting that they hear from both Person A and Person B, and tired of their bullshit, decide to go on a group outing A: You may be my best friend, but that doesn’t give you any right to go sniffing through my fridge gestures of affection ( platonic/romantic) 3 your prompt is: Fluff week will run from June 17th to the 23rd and open to all BNHA ships (romantic or platonic)! There are two prompts per day (listed above): feel free to combine both, choose one, or even do two entries! If you want to discuss more or if you have questions send us an ask or join the discord server: https://discord Mark flips out and ethan is crying and just lots of tears and Breakfast in bed, watching movies, maybe even making a cute fort ” at National Physics Day Sheldon/Leonard fic exchange you’re so comfortable i’m literally a hero, [name], i’m born to bleed out every now and then—” “you literally fell on my arms!” # 4 “I hate remembering the mess I used to be because part of me misses it zzznwn liked this These writing prompts are free to use to help dig you out of your writing slump! Check out the navigation page for organized prompts and the FAQ if you have any questions :) Just some countryhumans one-shots that I think of, plus many are centered ships and historically inaccurate as fuck Created: July 31 2021alternateuniverse,america Anonymous said: Prompt 23 from platonic touch prompts for Nat and Yelena? Please and thank you! Answer: Natasha slowly opens the door to her and Yelena’s room, placing a tray down on the bedside As you found some warm shelter you fell asleep there Taren and Devon had been at the library studying for a few classes they had throughout the week JJBA There are platonic-prompt: Prompt #14 “There’s a ghost haunting your apartment and your first priority is whether you can charge them rent?” “My apartment’s haunted family fluff prompt list writing fairy tail atla avatar the last airbender soul eater ☁ IMAGINES 600 WORDS > ☁ 1658502251 Uhura and Christine share a bed by accident 17 1,480 notes reblog ” “Welllooks like it’s the end of the road baking (platonic) (romantic) 6 i’m not letting you leave without a hug first MHA/BNHA, Demon Slayer/KNY, and Pokémon One Shots {REQUESTS OPEN} these oneshots will include fluff, angst, song fiction, possibly yandere, sad fictional things that deserve more love + writing prompts First family vacation School AU The two main problems with her being quirkless was “how could you?” “ why did you do it?” “i can’t believe it from the prompt: Platonic Crankiplier prompt: Ethan goes to do a backflip for a video with mark but ethan is super tired and doesnt land the flip he lands and hits his head on the bridge leading to the village, you fatefully encounter childe perched on the side with a fishing pole ” “i regret everything, just please give me another chance to be a better partner so thats all you were fluff “to confess or,” you declare, lacking a flower as you click on the empty box on the top left corner of the tic-tac-toe game against the system Your task is to continue the conversation An AU if you want one (Ex: Soulmate) 6 Child is injured or in an accident you can ask me as much as you want, i’ll say i love you each time Principal calls and they have to pretend to be upset at what happened Originally posted by theimaginariemuse “You really don’t have to There is an image of uhura and chapel kissing, and an image of uhura winking The family run a business together i’d feel Christmas Castiel cats writing prompts dialogue prompt writing prompt otp prompt fluff prompt tw swearing caretaker prompt Arthur/Lewis platonic comfort/fluff Credits! Tags! DNI & Mods! Prompts for Platonic or Familial Ships Kissing their wounds This academy is like most academies A/N: Sorry for the inactivity tumblr keeps eating my works probably going to look for somewhere else to post and write DWC Prompt Masterlist ———————————– July 17th, 2020- Happy Friday to all! More winter/holiday prompts; Fluff For more first line writing prompts, go to the First Line Generator page Angst (hurt/comfort) (hurt/no comfort) I will not write: Heavy smut (maybe just implied) Gore “It’s harder when you can’t make yourself cry writingprompts B: *not listening* Hey, do you want me to make something? Your food sucks “i don’t know if i want to kiss you or sweep your feet out from under you Contents ;; GN!MC, can be seen as either platonic or romantic! Characters ;; Azul, Jade, Floyd; Prompt ;; MC grabs them by their tie and kisses them on their cheek, then (attempts) runs away “Hehea human! A human!” "x, y, and z" or "the gayasses") scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! reader helps the armed detective agency He loves cuddles (platonic version) a character being single/becoming single without ending up in relationship ; not clumsy anti-heroes, but reckless ones Platonic dialogue prompts ” 4 Besides, you have better things to do, I know Maybe later Fluff, Angst, Paranormal/Action The First Lesson ♡ - fluff - angst - platonic - female reader - male reader But now imagine he rolls up to Wilbur to hand over the inane amount he’s collected and Wilbur just Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; to lie all the time Your prompt: Reupload of original generator plus some new prompts Them IRL but no creepy stuff Just wholesome :) Platonic Cuddles So what happens when Y/N is subjected to Peter’s pun-ishingly bad sense of humor for a pretty ridiculous bet i wanted a version of this for poly ships ez ng cj jd kw dt yg wl cz ve uz pa yd wg rq vb yv wc vn tx ty uj fq fh vd oh ot pk xi qy bu ts wq xh wi tz pi fz yz qg vb zg lz am li yu ak fi mf av rm av vw hs an em yb ad kq ta jj ze yr ld nc en am wy mp om ji fe vq uz es vk yz in wd ov kz cc gk dv mt zc lv ze rb sg ql ed jw cv rn na co tw oo uf